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The Outrageous Book about Cults, Bombings and Young Love

This book is just as insane as it sounds

August’s book of the month is full of changing perspectives, familial trauma, young love and…deadly cults. It is “The Incendiaries” by R.O. Kwon.

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I read this book in a weekend, it was impossible to put down. Talk about a page turner! It is a bit on the darker side so if you’re looking for a deep and dramatic read, this is for you!

The spoiler-free synopsis:

Will is a young college student, waiting tables in his free time to pay for his affluent college bills and give money to his sick mother back home. Phoebe is a talented piano player attending the same college. Their paths cross at a party where Will cannot take his eyes off of Phoebe. How can he? She’s beautiful, popular and everyone knows her. 

They quickly begin to date, and like most young relationships they go through many ups and downs. Their unresolved family traumas come into play more ways than one. 

As the relationship evolves, so does Phoebe’s involvement with a local religious group. Will becomes increasingly worried and disapproving of this group, but Phoebe can’t understand why Will won’t support her. Will has his doubts about this cult-leader that Phoebe is infatuated with, causing a further strain in their relationship. But one event takes things too far and things become deadly…

What Critics Say

Full of cliff-hangers, three revolving perspectives and dark relationships. No wonder this book was named Best Book of the Year (2018) by 40+ publications and organizations.

Get your copy here and if you’ve read this book, let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 📚

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