Book of the Month

The Thrilling Story About Fake Pregnancies and Deadly Secrets

Sometimes, Secrets Can Be Deadly. 

November’s Book of the Month is one filled with crazy twists, deadly secrets and small town gossip. And that is, Harlan Coben’s “The Stranger”.

Harlan Coben nailed another crazy thriller. This book was so good, that it even got its own Netflix show! 

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My Spoiler-Free Synopsis

In small-town New Jersey, Adam is attending a lacrosse meeting for his sons team draft when a stranger approaches him and reveals a crazy secret. Adam’s wife, Corinne, faked her pregnancy and miscarriage a couple years ago. But why would she do that? The stranger even provides Adam with proof. What does Adam do with this information? Why is the stranger telling him this? And how does the stranger even know? 

When Corinne disappears leaving a cryptic text once this information is revealed, Adam goes down a rabbit hole trying to find out where his wife is, why she lied to him and who the stranger is. The more that gets revealed, the more danger Adam puts himself in. But one thing is for sure, Adam will never give up until the truth is revealed.

My Review

Talk about a page turner! This book had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Every time I thought I knew what was happening, something else was revealed that made me question everything! I absolutely loved this book and it’s crazy ending. Idk what it is about thrillers but they’re the only thing I want to read in the fall, making this the perfect book to read in November. 

This book got its own Netflix show which I wasn’t a huge fan of. First off, I hate book to tv adaptations so it’s no wonder I didn’t really give this show a chance. However, I did watch the first episode and there were already so many changes from the book that I couldn’t continue (the show was set in Ireland vs New Jersey, the sport in the center of this all was soccer in the show vs lacrosse in the book, and the stranger was a woman in the show and a man in the book). If a book gets a tv or movie adaptation, I like them to be as close to the book as possible. But regardless of all that, I thought this book was a really good quick read and perfect for November!

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