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One Woman’s Hunt For a College Campus Killer

I audibly gasped at the ending

October’s Book of the Month is the *perfect* Autumn read. It’s full of suspense, plot twists, mysterious deaths and a touch of Greek Myth in the modern world. And that is…The Maidens by Alex Michaelides.

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The Spoil-Free Synopsis

Mariana is a psychotherapist on the hunt for a college campus killer. Originally brought up by a single father in Greece, she finds her way to Cambridge as a student, meets the love of her life and lives happily ever after. That is, until her husband dies in a freak accident and she receives news that there is a death at her alma mater, which happens to be the same college her niece is currently attending. Oh, and the dead body? Her niece’s best friend. With her niece being her only living family member, she decides to head down to Cambridge and help solve this murder before more college students turn up dead.

She has her suspicions on who the killer is. Her eyes are set on an American professor who teaches Greek tragedy. He’s handsome and young, so it’s no surprise that some female students of his are quite taken by him. However, what is surprising is that he has a special, cult-like group of his favorite female students called “The Maidens”, one of them being the dead girl.

As things start to unravel, Mariana entraps herself into a world that she isn’t prepared for. Things aren’t as they seem, and there are some CRAZY twists and reveals at the end. 

My Review

This book was such a quick read and super easy to breeze through. The chapters are short and there isn’t a single stale moment. The plot buildup isn’t a slow burn which I love, however things don’t get resolved until the end. If you love a good thriller, this is for you.

One thing that caught me off guard was that the cult-like group, “The Maidens” wasn’t the real focal point. They sort of take the back burner in focus but are still central to the plot. I expected a book that was about college cults when I picked this up, which it is in a way, but only in a teeny tiny way. 

Have you read this? Let me know your spoiler-free thoughts below! 📚

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