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The Hot Commodity Niche Fragrance You Need Right Now

Niche Fragrances Are Elite.

I recently discovered this niche fragrance house and have seen it everywhere since. With their sleek and chic black bottles, to their intriguing names like Gold and Paper, it’s no wonder this brand is on the rise.

That’s why February’s Perfume of the Month is Commodity’s Milk Bold.

But first things first…

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What is a Niche Fragrance?

When you think of popular perfumes, you might think of those designer names first. Chanel, Gucci, YSL, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. Those are what the perfume world calls “mainstream” fragrance houses. Niche fragrances originally meant fragrances that weren’t found in department stores. However, niche fragrance houses became vastly popular in the last decade so that definition is out the window. Now, it basically means any fragrance that isn’t made by a designer brand, and solely sells perfume. Some popular niche fragrance houses are Creed, Le Labo, Jo Malone, Penhaligon’s, and Maison Francis Kurkdijan.

This is a huge generalization. There are many debates on what actually makes a fragrance niche, including scent, packaging, production (Mira Ding wrote a great article detailing all of that here).

And…it doesn’t stop there. Besides designer and niche, there’s also indie and artisan categories that stir up even more debate on their meanings. Indie in a nutshell is a smaller subset of Niche, being more independently owned, and Artisan is a subset of Indie. If you’re interested in the breakdown, check out The Artisan Insider’s article all about it here!

One thing’s for sure: Commodity is definitely a niche fragrance house and it’s on the rise.

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The Origins of Commodity

Dating back to a Kickstarter in 2013, Commodity has been on a mission to make fragrance “exceptionally accessible“. They also proud themselves on being an ethical company, with their fragrances being “unisex, cruelty-free, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.” If you’re a loyal reader of my perfume of the month column, you’ll know how much I love unisex fragrances.

They also have something called “Scent Space”. Basically all of their fragrance come in 3 varieties: Personal, Expressive and Bold. So you have full control of how strong of a fragrance you want to purchase. My favorite thing about this company is that you can buy affordable discovery sets (or, sample sets) to try out the perfumes before you commit to a full-size.

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The Notes

My initial thought was that each of the varieties have the same notes, just different concentrations to affect strength and projection. But to my surprise, Personal, Expressive and Bold each have different note breakdowns which is why I want to clarify that I am specifically talking about Milk Bold, not Milk Personal or Milk Expressive.

Commodity’s website describes this fragrance as:

Warm and smoky, this scent opens with soft notes of Cashmere Woods and Skin Musk. Then, as the minutes pass and the scent comes to life, you’ll begin to notice the Tonka Bean and Marshmallow. The finale is a warm blazing-trail of Amber and Firewood Accord.

And honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I love warm scents, but nothing too sweet. So the marshmallow note was definitely off-putting to hear, but when it’s on you it’s absolutely delicious. It’s an inviting and cozy scent, one that is perfect as a night scent and absolutely unisex. The perfume is also super long lasting and has great sillage (which is not too surprising, this is the Bold varietal after all!).

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A Word From Milk’s Artisan

Milk’s “artisan” a.k.a. creator, Christelle Laprade, says the inspiration behind Milk Bold is “the intimate nostalgia of a Fall family vacation spent making delicious s’mores around hot wood-fires.” This statement reminds me a lot of Maison Margiela’s “By The Fireplace” inspiration as well (you can read all about my review on that niche fragrance here!). Although the two sound similar, Milk Bold is definitely warmer than “By The Fireplace”.

What do you think of Commodity? Are you going to give this fragrance a try? Let me know in the comments below! 🔥

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