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I Tried A High Alcohol Chardonnay: Here’s What Happened

This is the Holy Grail of Chardonnay

You know that feeling you get when you walk through your wine store and see a brand new wine that you’ve never seen before? I’m always on the hunt for a new wine to try for this wine column, but I went through a streak of blind buying tons of wines back to back that I absolutely hated and was hesitant to try this one. But when I read the note breakdown, I knew I had to try it.

And just like that, poof! The bad luck streak with gross wines ended. I ended up buying this wine back to back because of how much I loved it. And that’s why this week’s Wine of the Week is Z Alexander Brown “Uncaged” Chardonnay.

A Word From the Creators

Alright, so when doing a little research on Uncaged, I found out this is yet another celeb wine! (And if you don’t know my thoughts on celeb wine, you can find out here, here and here). The masterminds behind this wine are Grammy-award winning Zac Brown and winemaster John Killebrew.

John describes all Uncaged wines as “complex, juicy and dynamic“. John and Zac have a passion for food and wanted to create a Chardonnay that compliments all types of food. And let me tell you, they succeeded. They even have some amazing recipes on their site that you can check out here!

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The Notes

John states the official notes as “juicy stone fruit flavors” as well as “gentle spice character” and “hints of vanilla”. I definitely picked up on citrusy notes, peach, pear and oak on top of the official notes.

On top of the delicious flavor, beautiful color and smooth profile, this Chardonnay also has a surprisingly high alcohol content. The average alcohol percentage for chardonnay ranges between 11%-13%. This chardonnay is 14.5%. Although this isn’t something super rare, it’s still pretty surprising for a wine in its price range. So while I can usually drink an entire bottle of wine and feel fine, I have a 2 glass max for this one because it got me super drunk.

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What Reviewers Say

This wine is unanimously loved and said to be complimentary with all types of food which accomplished Zac and John’s mission. Tons of reviewers agree that this wine is one of the best chardonnays for its price range and tastes so much more expensive than it is.

I honestly can’t say a bad thing about this wine. It’s a perfect price point (I bought this for around $13 at my local wine store, but seen it priced around $15 online), it’s super high quality, it’s agreeable and non-offensive for novice wine drinkers. Overall, this wine is delicious and so worth the try!

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