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This Is Easily The Best Book Of The Year

This is the story of 4 famous siblings, an insane family history and the party of the century.

Before I even begin talking about this book, I need to preface this entire article by saying: If you haven’t read this yet, pick it up NOW.

Some may consider this book “a summer read”. I say, that’s bull. This book pulls you in like no other and is impossible to put down no matter what time of year. This is the ultimate tale of family dynamics, struggle, and conquering all the heartbreak that life throws your way. That’s why February’s book of the month is Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

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My Spoiler-Free Synopsis

The Riva siblings encounter the night of their life when they have their annual end of the summer party and it goes way left. Nina, Jay, Hud and Kit are super close, but their sibling bond is tested when life twists and turns in unexpected ways. Tragedy strikes more than once for this group and they learn to navigate life together, depending on no one but themselves.

Nina is the eldest. She’s beautiful, independent, responsible, smart and the new IT girl surf model. Her picture is on every teenage boys’ wall. She’s married to a world famous tennis player who just so happened to cheat on her right before her infamous end of the summer party. But, as she’s always done during hard times, she pulls herself together and decides the show must go on.

Jay, the eldest son, is going through something of his own. Also an inspiring surf model, he plans on making big moves to achieve his dreams. However, he has a secret that’s holding him back and may destroy his career.

Hud, Jay’s twin brother, is also keeping a secret. A secret so scandalous he’s terrified it will break his family apart.

And then there’s Kit, the youngest daughter. Kit isn’t like her older sister. Nina is the beautiful model, Kit is the wallflower. Kit is coming into her own and is finally discovering who she is. She makes a huge discovery the night of the party that changes her life forever.

Their parents, June and Mick have problems of their own. June is a caring, selfless mother who does everything for her kids. However, her selflessness makes is also her downfall. Mick is a famous singer, and an absent father figure as his fame rises.

And then there’s the guests. Nina’s friends include A-listers and townies that look forward to this party as the highlight of their summer. The party gets out of hand and secrets get exposed, changing the all of the Rivas lives forever.

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What Critics Say

“Reid’s descriptions of Malibu are so evocative that readers will swear they feel the sea breeze on their faces or the grit of the sand between their toes. . . . A compulsively readable story about the bonds between family members and the power of breaking free.”Kirkus Reviews

“Reid delivers a breathtaking, epic family novel.”Marie Claire

“Reid has once again crafted a fast-paced, engaging novel that smoothly transports readers between decades and story lines.”The Washington Post

Are you guys excited to read this book? Have you already read it? Let me know in the comments below! 🏄‍♂️

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