One Year on Lexapro – Experience, Effects and Results.

“Just like, try relaxing”

Last year I hit a period in my life that was one bad thing after another. I ended an abusive relationship after 5 years, I got a new job, I was dealing with sexual harassment and my grandfather was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. 

The Doctor’s Visit

I went to my doctor for a regular check-up and they realized something was wrong when the blood pressure machine’s reading was abnormally high. The nurse thought the machine could be broken, but after three attempts she stopped me and asked that I meditate and do it again. When that didn’t work, she asked if I have anxiety. I said yes, who doesn’t? Then when my doctor came in, she had me explain a couple things I had going on in my life and she said I would benefit from therapy and some kind of prescription pills. Actually, their exact words were “Oh you poor thing”… 🙃

I asked to avoid anything addictive. So my doctor recommended Lexapro since it’s an anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medication and could really benefit me in multiple ways.

She started me off on 5mg (the lowest dose) and said we can gradually increase as needed. However the effects wouldn’t kick in for another 4-6 weeks. 

I started therapy at the same time and my doses started to gradually increase. I maxed out at the highest dose of 20mg which I still take everyday. 

The Effects

I’ve never experienced adverse affects, other than increased fatigue at first. I also experienced getting drunk faster when I first started the pills, but after a couple months neither of these side effects were an issue.

After a couple months I noticed a change in my mood and so did those around me. I wouldn’t dread waking up in the morning anymore, I could sleep through the night, I didn’t wake up at night with heart palpitations or throw up from anxiety. The paranoia and ruminating thoughts stopped. I started reading and working out again and felt more productive at work than ever. 

Lexapro (and other antidepressants) are known to make you gain weight which was the case for me. My anxiety kept me from eating normal meals because I constantly felt nauseous and didn’t want to eat. A couple weeks after I started Lexapro my appetite came back and I started to gain back the healthy weight I had lost.

Final Thoughts

A year later, I’m still on Lexapro and don’t see myself getting off of it anytime soon. I noticed that I don’t freak out about little things anymore, things out of my control, my driving and flight anxiety is practically gone, and I’m able to go through the day feeling like a normal person. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and my intention is not to give medical advice. This post is not intended to convince anyone to take Lexapro or stay on it. Please consult with your doctor if you feel mentally unwell. 

Have experiences with Lexapro or other anti-depressants that you would like to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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