What You Need to Know Before Buying ThoughtCloud CBD

Don’t Spend A Dollar Before You Read This Honest Review

If you’ve dabbled in CBD, chances are you’ve heard of ThoughtCloud. ThoughtCloud is a U.S. based CBD company that offers a range of CBD products, including gummies, oils, vapes, salves, bath bombs, face masks and more. What appeals most people right off the bat are their affordable prices and variety of products. Before we dive into the company itself, let me give you some of my background with CBD.

My Background with CBD

Like a lot of us, I have anxiety. My anxiety can be debilitating at times. So when CBD became popular, I looked into and but was hesitant to try it. It’s still so new that I had so many questions about it: are there any bad side affects, will it get me high, does it even work? It wasn’t until friends of mine swore by CBD that I decided to give it a chance. I now use CBD daily and highly encourage everyone to do so as well (more about that and the benefits of CBD here).

My friend actually introduced me to ThoughtCloud. I liked the CBD oil she would let me try, but didn’t want to stick to just one company so I decided to buy oils from different companies and compare.

The first lesson I learned was to never, ever, buy any CBD product from a vape shop. These prices are ridiculously marked up. I got gypped into paying $75 for a tincture that was priced at $25 on the company website. I’m sure you can imagine my frustration.

In the end, I stuck with ThoughtCloud because their products were the most effective to me and were the most affordable. They also seemed like a genuine small company that I wanted to support.

What Makes ThoughtCloud Stand Out Above the Rest

What made me trust ThoughtCloud immediately was actually the blog section on their website! They had hundreds of articles reviewing all types of CBD topics and FAQs and to me that showed that this company took education seriously.

After digging around on their site, I also found their promise of offering products that treat the body and mind. Besides the fact that their products are created from organically grown hemp products from local US farms and are all lab tested, they are also “reiki infused” meaning they have a reiki master pour positive vibes and intentions into their products. A product that can help me physically and mentally? Yes please!

ThoughtCloud also works with Stand Up To Cancer, where a portion of their proceeds goes to cancer research. They also have a scholarship foundation where the CEO gives out scholarships to veterans in Orange County.

Recent Purchases and Product Reviews

I’ve tried a ton of their products, so here are my individual experiences:

  • CBD Oil: I’ve tried tons of their CBD oils, including full spectrum, isolate, Delta-8 and vape juices. Their vape juices come in a bunch of fruity flavors, but aren’t my favorite to ingest sublingually. The Delta-8 is great if you’re nervous about strong Delta-8 affects since it’s super controllable. My favorite is definitely the Signature Series Daily oil which helps me with headaches, period cramps and anxiety.
  • CBD Capsules – These capsules are loaded with great ingredients, like organic tumeric root and ginger root powder. I take these in the morning and feel my anxiety mellow out throughout the day.
  • CBD Gummies – ThoughtCloud has a variety of gummies, including relaxation gummies that help with sleep, Delta-8 gummies that get you high, and daily energy gummies which are the ones I’ve tried and recommend. I actually received these gummies with no label and thought that was weird so I messaged ThoughtCloud and not only did they send me the label and profusely apologized, but they also sent me free samples and some merch stickers to make up for it!
  • CBD Salve – my mom with arthritis swears by this salve, as do many people on their site. It’s also pretty affordable compared to other CBD salves online.

The Verdict: Would I Recommend ThoughtCloud to Others?

ThoughtCloud is definitely worth the try. Not only do they have amazing deals, but they’re the most effective CBD I’ve tried (look out for their Buy One Get One Free sales, I’ve saved so much money with that sale). Every person that I’ve recommended them to has had a great experience with their products and customer service.

I actually like ThoughtCloud and their mission so much that I applied to be an ambassador for them! So if you’re interested in purchasing any of their products, click here to be directed to their site and use code ARLEA at checkout for a discount.

Leave a comment below on your CBD experience and if you’ve tried ThoughtCloud!

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. Read my full privacy policy here.

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