Wine of the Week

Why You Need To Try This Affordable Cabernet

Another $10 wine! (wine of the week: 8/18/2021)

This week’s Wine of the Week is a super rich and smooth Cabernet that is under $10. And that is…Line 39’s Cabernet Sauvignon

The Notes

The wine consists of currant, blackberry and ripe plum flavors, as well as hints of black tea. I detected more of a jammy, red fruit aroma when trying it. It’s a medium-bodied, smooth wine that pairs well with needing a big ol’ glass of wine after a long day of work. 

My Impression

It was love at first sip. I tasted notes of cherry and red berries even though that’s not in the official description. I also loved how smooth and dry this wine was. It warmed me up immediately. 

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this wine. I’m more of a white wine drinker and was thrown off by Line 39 when I tried their Sauvignon Blanc that I absolutely hated (although if you’re a grapefruit lover, you might enjoy this). But their Cabernet changed my mind about this company completely. 

This is the perfect Cabernet to bring to a friends house or solo drink on a Sunday without breaking the bank. I had this in bed while reading and let me tell you…it was a mood. 

This is a risk-free Cabernet that is overall very well reviewed by wine enthusiasts and a safe bet if you want to try a new, cheap wine. It’s sold pretty much everywhere, including lots of grocery stores. Keep your eye out for it!

Let me know your thoughts on this wine or if you want to try it! Cheers 🍷

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